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Introducing the new weekly Shire Flyer

“The Shire Flyer” is Council’s new weekly newsletter, keeping you informed of Council matters, Shire services and plans we are working on to make Esperance the greatest place to live, work and visit.

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About the Shire

The Shire of Esperance, located on Western Australia's southeast coast, is one of the most progressive and modern country communities in Australia.

The Shire has an area of 44,336 square kilometres, giving the region one of the lowest population densities to be found anywhere. It extends from Munglinup to Israelite Bay and north to the Daniell rail siding. It includes over 400 kilometres of coastline, ranging from gently undulating bays and the picturesque islands of the Recherche Archipelago to the spectacular cliffs of the Great Australian Bight.

Welcome to the shire of Esperance

Recent Events

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New hours will be trialled at the Wylie Bay Waste Facility from 2 July.
Cooler pool temperatures will be ongoing for a while at the Bay of Isle Leisure Centre
Potential Sites submitted to Multi Criteria Analysis by Talis
The Site Selection Study developed by Talis Consultants, on behalf of the Shire of Esperance, is now available.
Annual Free Domestic Waste Disposal Weekend is on 11-12 June
Find out information and updates about a new waste management facility site selection.
Applications are invited to join a Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for the Shire of Esperance
Read what the community had to say about the Esperance Tanker Jetty replacement.
The Community Perception Survey 2015 Results have been released.
Council made the difficult decision at a Special Council Meeting last night to authorise demolition of the Esperance Tanker Jetty.
Would you like to see the report detailing the Tanker Jetty's condition?
Keep our children safe and avoid penalties by following these dos and donts.
Find out how to park in the CBD without infringement.
The new Esperance Skate Park is one step closer to fruition.
Esperance Skate Park Draft Concept Design is ready for review