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Youth Advisory Council

Our Community, Powered by Youth

A Voice for Youth of Esperance

The Shire of Esperance is very excited to announce their support of the formation of a Youth Advisory Council.  Positions on this committee are now open to passionate proactive youths aged between 12 -25 years.

The purpose of this committee is to represent the interests and views of young people and to provide the opportunity to build positive connections with each other and the wider community, in order to promote greater awareness and appreciation of their talents within their home town. 

If you have ideas and are passionate about making change in your world, then this is an opportunity for you to share and plan the things you would like to see happen in your community.

Download an application form here and get involved! Currently, there are up to 15 positions available. For Terms of Reference and the Shire's Code of Conduct visit here. Nominations  close 4pm on Friday, 21 July.