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Waste & Recycling


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Waste & Recycling

Click here for Recycling Collection Days 2020 

Current Residential Bin Prices

Please put your bins out by 5am on the scheduled day - or better still the night before.


For the first time in 15 years, the Waste & Recycling collection route is changing and some areas within Esperance will have an alteration to their bin collection day. This will improve collection and process efficiencies.

Affected properties have been sent a notification of their new bin days and when it will be commencing. If you do not receive a letter, your collection day stay the same.

Click on your area below to discover your new bin days.

Bandy Creek AreaDaw Dr, Bandy Grove, Kent Pl, Frank Freeman Dr, McCarthy Rd, Bow Cl
- New collection day Tuesday – Commencing 25 August 2020 MAP 

Chantilly & Baleine Park AreaBaleine Dr, Fion Lane, Sommet Street, Cologne St, Cannes Pde, Chantilly Cct, Dauphin Cr
- New collection day Friday – Commencing 28 August 2020 MAP

Dixon Park AreaThelma St, Catherine St, Doak Pl, Henry Pl, Frearson St, Amanda St, Claire Rd, Stable Rd east, businesses along Sinclair St and Norseman Rd between Fisheries Rd and Stable Rd east
- New collection day Tuesday – Commencing 25 August 2020 MAP

Lalor Dr AreaLalor Dr, Windabout Way, Tranquil Dr
- New collection day Tuesday – Commencing 25 August 2020 MAP

North Road AreaMagnolia Cres, North Rd, Chestnut St, Walnut Grove, Wildcherry Ave, Whitegum Ave, Maple St, Beech St, Camelia Cres, Munji Cl, Blackboy Cl
- New collection day Friday – Commencing 28 August 2020 MAP

Pink Lake AreaEleven Mile Beach Rd, Helms Dr, Tuart Forrest Gr, Kingsmill Rtt, Barook Rd, Dunkley CCT, Canning Dr, Spencer Rd, Keenan Rd, Sanctuary Cr, The Gateway, Mississippi Bend
- New collection day Monday – Commencing 24 August 2020 MAP

Parkland Rtt AreaBarney Rd, Parkland Rtt, Fairfield St
- New collection day Tuesday – Commencing 25 August 2020 MAP

Change to Recycling Bin Collection week only

Nulsen Sinclair Area – Please refer to Recycling Collection Map

See below some frequently asked questions.  

Why is my bin day changing?

The bin days are changing to streamline the collection and servicing process.  As Esperance has grown the waste and recycling route has just extended out, sometimes this hasn’t been coordinated efficiently.  The new changes are linking areas in a more efficient way.  There has not been a change to the collection route in over 15 years.

How have they changed?

The days of collection has changed for some areas of Esperance.  There are a series of maps (above) that you can check to see if your areas has been changed.

How is the Shire informing people of this change?

Affected properties should have received correspondence by mail, a notification to the property, or both.

There is also information on social media, The Shire Flyer and the Shire website.

Is this for both the Green and Blue bin?

Yes, both bins go out on the same day, but recycling is fortnightly.  The calendar indicates which recycling week you are.

I live on Barook Road, has my day changed?

Yes, the Pink Lake area has changed to a Monday. The first day will be Monday 24 August 2020.

Can I still put my bins out the night before?

Yes, it is preferable that bins go out the night before the collection day.  If you put bins out on the morning of collection due to weather conditions etc, they should be out by 5.00am to ensure that they are not missed.

Have tip fees changed?

Fees to the tip have remained unchanged this year (2020-21).  Fees and charges can be viewed on the website.

When will we be recieving our tip passes?

Tip passes are part of the rates notice and are posted in late August.  If you are a renter, you can ask your landlord or property manager for waste vouchers.

I live on Goldfields Road, have my days changed?

No, Goldfields Road collection has remained the same and is still on on Tuesday.

What are the opening hours at the Waste Facility?

Mon – Fri : 8am – 4pm

Weekends:        10am – 3pm (Summer, Sept – April)

                           11am – 3pm (Winter, May- Aug), Public Holidays – Weekend Hours

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.

Still got questions? Call us on (08) 9071 0666, we'd love to help. 


Green and Blue Bin Collection Days

Bins could be picked up anytime from 5am onwards.  If your bin is not out by 5am, there is no guarantee it will be collected.

Rural Kerbside Waste collection days:

  • Condingup - Tuesday
  • Gibson, Scaddan, Grass Patch, Salmon Gums and Cascades - Wednesday

Other local recycling in Esperance:

Information and Education

7 rules of recycling

We can all do our bit to reduce waste to landfill, check out these informative websites: 

Own Your Impact:

Link to the War on Waste webpage,

Story of Stuff:

Wylie Bay Recycling Tours: A guided visit to the Recycling Shed highlights to visitors just what happens to our recyclables after the truck empties the bin at home.  You will see how the products are sorted and baled ready for transport to Perth. Bookings essential, for further information email:   

Recyclable Items


Acceptable Items

Paper & Cardboard Products  Newspapers, magazines, cardboard and telephone books, milk and juice cartons (Please rinse & squash flat)
Steel & Aluminium Containers Cans and clean foil trays
Glass Bottles & Jars

Clear bottles & Jars (White green or brown)

No Ceramics, porcelain, china or window glass

Plastic Bottles & Containers

Cool drink, water, juice and milk bottles, clear plastic film


Please note that these items CANNOT be recycled - Please DO NOT place these items in your blue bin.

  • Food scraps
  • Lawn clippings/wood
  • Styrofoam Meat trays
  • Foam
  • Polystyrene
  • Clothing/shoes/bedding
  • Long life milk containers
  • Kids juice cartons

Residential Recycling Service

Service provided: Co-mingled

Domestic recycling bin sizes:

  • 120L blue bin
  • 240L blue bin
  • 360L blue bin 

Collection: Fortnightly on same day as general rubbish collection.

Recycling Collection Map & Recycling Collection Calendar - 2020-21 Calendar click here

Current Residential Bin prices


Recyclable Requirements

The occupier must ensure that waste and recycling bins are:

  • Out prior to 5am on the scheduled day of collection (see calendar below) - preferably out the night before your collection day
  • Kept clean and free of contaminants (non recyclable materials)
  • Placed on the street verge approximately half a metre (0.5m) from the kerb with the lid opening closest to the road. 
  • Green and blue bins need to be placed one metre (1m) apart to ensure the truck has room to collect each bin.  Click Here  for diagram.
  • Position bins away from any over-hanging obstructions so the do not interfere with the use of roads, footpaths, cycle ways etc
  • Returned inside the property once emptied

Soft Plastics should go to Redcycle Collections at Coles and Woolworths stores

Redcycle can recycle - Click here

Note: The Shire has a "3 Strikes Policy". Recycling bins containing contaminants (i.e. non-recyclable products) will not be collected. If this occurs three times the recycling service is removed from the property. Offensive contamination such as nappies and food waste is particularly penalised as all recyclables are hand sorted in Esperance

The loss of or damage to a bin caused by an occupant is the owner’s responsibility.

Commercial Recycling Service

The Shire of Esperance provides a weekly recycling collection service for businesses, schools and organisations that wish to participate.

Service provided: Co-mingled (glass is exempt)

Commercial Recycling Bin sizes:

  • 4.5m3 bulk recycling bin
  • 3m3 bulk recycling bin
  • 1.5m3 bulk recycling bin
  • 360L blue bin
  • 240L blue bin

Collection: Tuesday or Thursday mornings

NOTE: A fortnightly collection is available for businesses only where it coincides with the residential collection.

Town Recycling Stations

The recycling stations are available for use by all residents who live outside the current recycling collection area as well as tourists.

The Recycling Stations are located In the below locations:

Bunnings carpark, corner of Norseman Road and Arthur Street

Visitor Centre Carpark, corner Kemp and Dempster Streets

Please remember:

  • Place all recyclables into the bins LOOSE
  • Do not tie them up in bags
  • Do not over load bins as it causes litter issues.

Please report misuse to the shire on (08) 9071 0666.

Rural Recycling Stations

Rural recycling Stations are located in the towns of:

  • Scaddan
  • Grass Patch
  • Salmon Gums
  • Cascade
  • Condingup