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Trails Master Plan

Public Consultation - Closes Friday 2 October 2020

Whether you’re an experienced bush walker, bike rider, or enjoy a casual stroll through tracks and pathways there are a multitude of walking trails, snorkel and canoe trails, bike tracks and walk pathways across Esperance that are primed for all ages groups and levels of fitness. 

The Shire of Esperance is in the process of updating their Trails Master Plan, the goal of the Plan is to guide the Shires future direction of Trail redevelopment and aid in budgetary decisions. The Plan will also promote and encourage recreational tourism and promote health and well-being within the community.  

Get involved by providing your ideas and feedback - Shire of Esperance Trails Master Plan - Public Consultation

The Trails Master Plan Project will be progressed using the following phases:

This public consultation excludes trail bikes, four wheel and two wheel drives, these will be considered at a later date.