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Town Road Works


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Town Road Works

The below list is the Rural Road Works adodpted by Council in the 2022/23 Budget. These are completed throughout the financial year with the exception of additional roads being added when works are required after inspections. 

Town Road Works 2022/23                                                                                                       

Road Name Between Work Type Status 
Esplanade Roundabout Intersection at Norseman Road & Dempster Street Construction In Progress
Brazier Street Lease Road Fuel Depot Entrance Construction Not Started
Bandy Creek Road Bandy Creek Road Shoulder Sealing Not Started
Brockman Street Brockman Street & Taylor Street Drainage Works Not Started
Woods Street Woods Street & Simpson Street Drainage Works Not Started
Bandy Creek Cyclepath Bandy Creek Road & Fisheries Road Footpath Construction In Progress
Forrest Street Forrest Street to opposite Boulevard Complex Mobility & Footpath Construction Completed
Anderson Street, Gibson Jenkins Street to Walker Street Re-construction Not Started
Norseman Road Roundabout to north of Shelden Road Reseal Asphalt Overlay Completed
Goldfields Road Norseman Road to Blue Waters Lodge Reseal Asphalt Overlay Not Started
Goldfields Road Westmacott Street to Walmsley Street Reseal Asphalt Overlay Not Started
St Germain Ave   Traffic Calming Not Started
Fisheries Road   Turning Lanes In Progress
Shelden Road   Kerbing In Progress
Esperance Primary School Stubbing Street & Windich Street Traffic Improvement In Progress
Kipping Road South Coast Highway to culdesac Bitumen Reseal In Progress

2021/22 Town Works Carry Overs 

Road Name  Between  Work Type  Status 
Phyllis Street   Outfall Extension  Completed
Chaplin Street    Outfall Extension  In Progress
Irvine Street   Outfall Extension  In Progress
Freeman Street    Footpath Program  Not Started