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Strategic Community Plan


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Strategic Community Plan

Strategic Community Plan 2017 - 2027

The Draft Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 has been collated and we would like to gather feedback on the draft. The community input we received was invaluable in updating the Plan to be reflective of our community values and aspirations.

Community goals were highlighted along with future challenges and opportunities during three months of engagement. The Plan has captured the thoughts and ideas put forward, and identifies the strategies and outcomes developed that will work towards achieving these goals and ensure “The Esperance Community is vibrant, welcoming and supportive and values its social connections and natural landscape”.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your input and interest in making sure the Plan is representative of our diverse community. The reviewed Strategic Community Plan offers inspiration while reflecting our values, our goals and most importantly our community.

Once the Plan is finalised it will assist the Shire, other agencies and community groups in funding applications for all projects that can be linked to desired outcomes and goals within the Plan.

A copy of the draft Strategic Community Plan can be downloaded here, or a black&white printed copy can be requested by emailing If you are interested in reading the survey responses received they are available here. If you would like to provide comment on the plan, please complete and return this feedback form. Hard copies of the form are available from the Administration Building on Windich Street.

Please do not hesitate to contact Executive Services on (08) 9071 0666 with any questions or queries.

Strategic Community Plan 2012 - 2022

The Strategic Community Plan has been formed from local community opinion and embodies the aspirations and goals of the Esperance community. The Plan contains our long term vision and outlines how we will work towards achieving the best possible outcomes for the entire community. It provides us with a framework that will ensure the Shire’s resources are used efficiently to deliver initiatives and projects that are important to our community. It also allows us to evaluate our strategies, monitor our performance and report back to the community on our progress.

A desktop review of the Strategic Community Plan was undertaken at the beginning of 2014 to ensure the plan remained relevant and up to date. The amendments made to the plan are documented in the May Ordinary Council Meeting. The current Strategic Community Plan can be viewed here.