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Public Advertisement of Planning Proposals


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Public Advertisement of Planning Proposals

Planning Applications

The Shire of Esperance (Planning Services) is currently in receipt of an Application for Planning Approval for an additional Fuel Storage Tank at Lot 9004 Lease Road, Chadwick.

The proposal is being advertised due to potential impact on the surrounding area. In relation to comments on the application, these should be in the form of written support (non-objection) or objection to the proposal.  In making a submission we ask that you provide us with your email address so that we may contact you in a prompt manner if required.  Should you wish to object to the proposal, a written submission is required to be lodged and should include all reasons for the objection.  While all comments relating to a proposal are considered in the final determination of an application, and a submission objecting to a proposal may be lodged, you are advised that there is no obligation from the Shire of Esperance to refuse such a proposal based on this alone.

Please note that all submissions lodged may be referred to the applicant to provide them with an opportunity to address the issues raised in the first instance (NB: names and contact details are removed from submissions at this point in time).  Should the application be referred to Council for determination, all submissions will be made publicly available at that time, including submitter details.

Should you wish to view the proposed plans, details of the proposal are available for inspection (free of charge) at the Shire of Esperance Administration Offices located on Windich Street, Esperance.  Office hours are 8.30am – 4.45pm Mon, Tues, Thur & Fri and 9.30am – 4.45pm Wed.  Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer in writing (fax or email submission is acceptable) on or before close of business on 7 June 2017.

Should you require any further information, please contact Peter Wilks on (08) 9071 0613 or by email at

Road Closures

There are currently no Road Closures being advertised for public comment.

Local Planning Policies

There are currently no Local Planning Policies being advertised for public comment.

Local Planning Scheme Amendments

There are currently no Local Planning Scheme Amendments being advertised for public comment.

Outline Development Plans

There are currently no Outline Development Plans being advertised for public comment.

For additional information or assistance, contact Planning Services on (08) 9071 0676 or call in to the  Shire Administration Building on Windich Street.