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Potential New Landfill Site - Kirwan Road


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Potential New Landfill Site - Kirwan Road

The Wylie Bay Waste Management Facility has been in operation since the 1980s.  It includes a Community Drop-off Point, Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Class II landfill.  The current landfill site is approaching the end of its operational lifespan and has a licence expiration date of 31 December 2022. A new landfill site needs to be secured and constructed prior to the imminent closure of the Wylie Bay site.

The Shire commissioned Talis Consultants Pty Ltd to undertake a site selection study with the objective of selecting a suitable site for a modern Waste Management Facility. Information on the process undertaken and the results from the studies are available for your review below.

Site Selection Study: Freehold Land Assessment - Technical Report

Talis Report Additional Nominated Sites Review


Potential New Waste Facility Location

The Shire is currently testing a potential site in the Merivale area and liaising with local landowners to work towards a suitable outcome for all stakeholders involved. To alleviate some of the concerns and answer the questions being raised, Information sheets have been developed:

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Fact Sheet No. 1

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Fact Sheet No. 2

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Myth Buster 

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Due Diligence and Landfill Capability Assessment

Esperance Flora & Fauna Survey - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Eco Logical Australia

Kirwan Road Hydrogeological Risk Assessment – Phase 1 - June 2017

Information Sheet 1 - Ground Water
Information Sheet 2 - Wetlands
Information Sheet 3 - Approvals, Consultation with Departments and Data Requirements 

Groundwater Monitoring Report - April 2019

Pumping Test Results - August 2018

Council determined in a Special Council Meeting held on 19 February 2018 that an independent review of all currently available hydrogeological investigations and associated reports, including the Phase 2 Hydrology Risk Assessment report from Talis be undertaken. Consultants Pennington Scott were requested to conduct this review. Their findings are below. Additionally Talis Consultants have read this report and provided a response, this is also available below.

Independent Technical Review of Esperance Waste Management Facility Env Referral - Pennington Scott

Response to Hydrogeology Peer Review - Esperance Waste Management Facility - Talis Consultants

The Shire is currently collating information for assessment from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The approval process requires intensive investigative testing and research with a pump test being one of the requirements. A pump test is a method used to determine the grounds ability to store and transmit water. It consists of pumping groundwater from a bore (usually at a constant rate) and measuring the drawdown in nearby monitoring bores during and after pumping. From these results the speed of groundwater movement can be measured. More information on a pump test is available here


During the February 2019 Ordinary Couoncil Meeting, Council resolved to proceed through the PER process in a priority order of works. Once each priority is complete, the results are presented to Council and then released to the public.