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Potential New Landfill Site


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Potential New Landfill Site

Project Update 26 February 2020 

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 25 February 2020, Council resolved to abandon the proposed Landfill site at Lot 12 Kirwan Road Merivale. Options for the disposal of this property will be presented to Council in the near future, while investigations into a new Landfill site is continuing. 

The Wylie Bay Waste Management Facility has been in operation since the 1980s.  It includes a Community Drop-off Point, Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Class II landfill.  The current landfill site is approaching the end of its operational lifespan and has a licence expiration date of 31 December 2022. A new landfill site needs to be secured and constructed prior to the imminent closure of the Wylie Bay site.

The Shire commissioned Talis Consultants Pty Ltd to undertake a site selection study with the objective of selecting a suitable site for a modern Waste Management Facility. Information on the process undertaken and the results from the studies are available for your review below.

Site Selection Study: Freehold Land Assessment - Technical Report

Talis Report Additional Nominated Sites Review


Potential New Waste Facility Location

The Shire is currently testing a potential site in the Merivale area and liaising with local landowners to work towards a suitable outcome for all stakeholders involved. To alleviate some of the concerns and answer the questions being raised, Information sheets have been developed:

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Fact Sheet No. 1

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Fact Sheet No. 2

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Myth Buster 

Potential New Waste Facility Site  - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Due Diligence and Landfill Capability Assessment

Esperance Flora & Fauna Survey - Lot 12 Kirwan Road - Eco Logical Australia

Kirwan Road Hydrogeological Risk Assessment – Phase 1 - June 2017

Information Sheet 1 - Ground Water
Information Sheet 2 - Wetlands
Information Sheet 3 - Approvals, Consultation with Departments and Data Requirements 

Groundwater Monitoring Report - August 2019 
Groundwater Monitoring Report - December 2019

Pumping Test Results - August 2018

Council determined in a Special Council Meeting held on 19 February 2018 that an independent review of all currently available hydrogeological investigations and associated reports, including the Phase 2 Hydrology Risk Assessment report from Talis be undertaken. Consultants Pennington Scott were requested to conduct this review. Their findings are below. Additionally Talis Consultants have read this report and provided a response, this is also available below.

Independent Technical Review of Esperance Waste Management Facility Env Referral - Pennington Scott

Response to Hydrogeology Peer Review - Esperance Waste Management Facility - Talis Consultants

Public Environmental Review Process

During the February 2019 Ordinary Couoncil Meeting, Council resolved to proceed through the Public Environmental Review (PER) process in a priority order of works. Once each priority is complete, the results are presented to Council and then released to the public. The Public Environmental Review Document is designed to provide the community with confidence that the proposal will meet the highest environmental standards. As each requirement is completed the reports will be available.

  • The approval process requires intensive investigative testing and research with a pump test being one of the requirements. A pump test is a method used to determine the ground's ability to store and transmit water. It consists of pumping groundwater from a bore (usually at a constant rate) and measuring the drawdown in nearby monitoring bores during and after pumping. From these results the speed of groundwater movement can be measured. More information on a pump test is available here
  • The Shire engaged ASST Pty Ltd to undertake geophysical surveys at Lot 12 Kirwan Road in order to satisfy work requirements 5 and 6 of the Endorsed Environmental Scoping Document. Work Requirements 5 and 6 are to identify any shallow bedrock and identify the presence of karst-like features in the spongolite. Report on Geophysical Investigations - Kirwan Road Proposed Landfill - ASST and Talis Consultants