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Planning Applications


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Planning Applications

Planning Services staff assess all development against the Local Planning Scheme, the Local Planning Strategy and various other State and Local Government planning frameworks, most commonly including the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia.

Planning Services staff provide advice to the public, ratepayers, builders and developers on development provisions within the Shire including how to submit planning applications and the planning process.

Planning application forms are available from the Development Services Counter of the Shire Administration Building or can be downloaded from the link below:

Application for Planning Approval Form  

Statutory fees are required to accompany all applications for planning approval. Where fees are not paid at the time of lodgement the application will be deemed incomplete and may be returned at the discretion of officers.

Fees payable are determined by a number of factors, most commonly including the type of application, value and type of construction and statutory advertising requirements as applicable. To ascertain the relevant fees due for an application please contact Development Services with your exact contract cost and details on (08) 9071 0676, by email or call in to the Shire Administration Centre on Windich Street.

Subdivision Applications

The Western Australian Planning Commission (“WAPC”) is the State Government authority with the ultimate control over the processing and determination of subdivision within WA. All subdivision applications within the Shire of Esperance local government area are referred to the Shire for comment only, while the final determination is made by the Planning Commission in each instance.

For general advice or assistance, please contact Planning Services on (08) 9071 0676, via email at or call in to the Shire Administration Centre on Windich Street.

Development Assessment Panels

Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) were introduced by the State Government in mid 2011. The DAPs are comprised of technical experts and elected local government representatives and locally will serve the function of determining certain development applications made under the Local Planning Scheme which previously would have been determined by the local Council.

Generally, development applications with a value of $7,000,000.00 or more will be decided by DAPs mandatorily, while applications costing between $3,000,000.00 and $7,000,000.00 can go before the DAPs at the discretion of the applicant, noting there are a few minor exceptions. All other applications, as previously, will be determined by the local Council.

Further information relating to DAPs is available from the Development Assessment Panels website or the Department of Planning on (08) 6551 9000.

For additional information or assistance, contact Planning Services on (08) 9071 0676 or call in to the Shire Administration Building on Windich Street.