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The Esperance Brand


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Our Stories

With Community input, the Esperance Brand was released in 2015. This promotional tool is designed to highlight why Esperance should be your destination of choice to 

Esperance: Create Your Own Story tells the story of the Esperance Community. We work together when needed; we are independent, resilient and resourceful. People come to visit, decide to stay and become residents.

To showcase our stories, a competition was launched inviting community members to submit their story and an image that showcases why they choose to live, work, invest or visit Esperance.

What is your Esperance Story?


As adventurous newlyweds in the 60’s, we followed the cry "Go West Young Man" and headed to the land of opportunity. The pristine environment and this exceptional community have been the perfect place to raise our beautiful family.  

We now have time to enjoy and share our piece of paradise.

Story & Photograph: Heather Gee


From home to my business both by the sea

A four minute journey to work for me

Live, work and Create and See

The Esperance lifestyle is the key

Story & Photograph: Lynne Beros     


The world class foreshore in Esperance has been a valuable investment in our Community that shows faith in our future as a great place to live, work & visit...

Why not be part of something great too and take some time to come and see for yourself...

Story & Photograph: Kylie Ryan


I visited friends in Esperance and the coastline took my breath away. Two weeks later I moved to paradise. The beauty here is unparalleled...

Story & Photograph: Jacky Moroney