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Our Natural Coast


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Our Natural Coast

The Shire of Esperance covers over 400km of stunningly wild coastline ranging from the gently undulating bays and picturesque islands of the Recherche Archipelago to the spectacular cliffs of the Great Australian Bight.

To stay up to date with current local road and weather conditions we recommend following the below links:

Shire of Esperance

Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA (DFES)

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

Please note: Mobile coverage isn't guaranteed. Please make sure you download or carry a map with you.


The SharkSmart WA app combines shark activity information, beach safety features such as Surf Life Saving WA patrolled beaches and weather forecast, to help you plan your trip to the beach. Select your favourite coastal locations and use notifications to receive relevant updates as they happen.

The SharkSmart WA app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

And remember: help keep everyone safe. Report all shark sightings to Water Police on 9442 8600

Shire of Esperance Shark Hazard Response Policy


The Shire of Esperance manages three bush campsites within shire coastal reserves. For more information, please contact the Esperance Visitor Centre on (08) 9083 1555.

Alexander Bay – Located 100km east of Esperance – 4WD only.

Munglinup Beach – Located 130km west of Esperance – 2WD accessible.

Quagi Beach - Located 80km west of Esperance – 2WD accessible.

Information on camping within National Parks can be found through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

CAMP RULES - You can help to preserve these unique natural areas by observing the following rules;

  • Camping is allowed in designated bays only.
  • Camp sites cost $15 per site, per night (Munglinup, Quagi and Alexander Bay only).
  • No open fires from 1 November to 30 April (Burning periods can alter without notice. If you are unsure please contact the Shire on 9071 0666.)
  • Please use toilets where provided to protect our environment and for the health of other campers.
  • Generators are to be set up within camp sites and only used between the hours of 7 AM – 10 PM.
  • Please put rubbish in the bin. If bins are full please take your rubbish with you.
  • Please respect the native environment by staying on tracks and not damaging live vegetation.
  • Please do not feed the wildlife.
  • Pets permitted. Must be on lead or contained within camp site. Please clean up after your pets and dispose of waste appropriately.
  • There are no dumping points on site. The nearest dump disposal facility is located on Sheldon Road, Esperance. Please take a portaloo to campsites without facilities.

If you witness other people littering, lighting illegal fires or vandalising campsites, make note of the vehicle registration number and contact the Shire Rangers on (08) 9083 1533 as soon as possible.


BLACK ROCKS: A black algae grows on the coastal rocks along the WA south east coast & it’s very slippery when wet. Stay back from these blackened rocks near the high tide mark and avoid walking on it at all times.

BIG SWELL: Large waves can occur with no warning. Never turn your back to the ocean. If you get washed off the rocks, stay calm and swim away from the rocks.

RIPS: You can escape a rip by knowing your options: Stay calm. Raise an arm to seek help. Float with the current until it releases you. Swim parallel to the shore or towards breaking waves so you can use them to help you in to shore.


  • Take note of the BEN signage, located at access points when visiting the beach. This identifiable number helps pinpoint your position in an emergency
  • Take the time to read all safety signage and follow the advice given
  • Carry a mobile phone



Always be prepared and take the right gear on any fishing adventure you are planning. For more infomation around safe fishing, visit Recfishwest.

WEAR A LIFE JACKET – If you don’t have one, you can borrow it for free from:

Tatey’s Fishing World - 39 Norseman Road
Southern Sports & Tackle - Shop 16, Boulevard Shopping Centre
Dempster Sporting - 65 Dempster Street
Esperance Diving & Fishing - 72 The Esplanade
Duke of Orleans Bay Caravan Park - Wharton Rd, Condingup

ROCK FISHING – Everyone should return home safe after spending a day out fishing. Always tie off on rock bolts. Rope can be obtained, free of charge, from the above fishing outlets.
Anchor points are at the following locations:
Esperance (60 in total) at Wharton Beach (3), Quagi Beach (3), Thistle Cove (9), Hellfire Bay (4), Thomas River (4), Dolphin Cove (3), Dunn Rock (4), Salmon Beach (7), Chapmans Point (7), Wiley Bay (5).


  • Take note of the BEN signage, located at access points when visiting the beach. This identifiable number helps pinpoint your position in an emergency
  • Take the time to read all safety signage and follow the advice given
  • Carry a mobile phone



Patrolled Beach - Twilight Beach lies 7 km west of Esperance. Patrols at Twilight Beach run every Sunday from the beginning of December to the end of March from 9am – 3.30pm, and during summer public holidays. Always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Ocean Lagoons - Tucked away and waiting for you to discover them, Esperance has some brilliant natural ocean pools. When the tides are right, they’re perfect for families with small children as the water is usually calm and shallow. Located along the Great Ocean Drive you'll find:

Nine Mile Lagoon
Ten Mile Lagoon
Eleven Mile Lagoon


Whether you’re a hiking health nut or more of a casual stroller, Esperance offers a variety of different bush, beach and wetland trail experiences. Click through to view a list of some of our favourite trails and walkways, including Bandy Creek Boat Harbour. Trails WA also has fantasic resources for your next adventure.

Please take note: If attempting a long bush walk in the more remote areas of Esperance remember to take along ample drinking water, small snacks, a basic first aid kit, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and preferably someone else with you. Please note: Mobile coverage isn't guaranteed. Make sure you download or carry a map with you.


From ocean boating to lake skiiing or fishing, Esperance hosts a range of options for the boating enthusiast. Before heading out on the water, download the Department of Transport boating guide and check the weather forecast. Find out more about boating safety and planning your trip.

Esperance Boating Guide

30 Second Challenge - In an emergency you might have as little as 30 seconds to gather all your safety equipment. Find out more by visiting the What safety equipment do I need? page. Take the challenge now!