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Esperance Museum Hosts Seeder Futures Exhibition
15 November 2023

Esperance Museum and the Shire of Esperance are proud to host an inspiring exhibition consisting of filmed conversations with local community members, and unprecedented online access for Community Curators to the Art Gallery of Western Australia State Collection.

Victorian artist and futurist Ana Tiquia has worked on the Seeder Futures project over the past year, through the SPACED Rural Utopias program. The opening of the Seeder Futures Exhibition, this Thursday 16 November at the Esperance Museum, will bring Ana's work to the Esperance community.

Ana has been an artist in residence at the Cannery Arts Centre, a key partner, making several trips to Esperance and holding workshops with locals. Drawing from a rich and diverse talent pool, Ana was inspired by the generosity and community spirit of the people of Esperance. Throwing herself into local life, Ana also participated in and embodied this community spirit during her visits, volunteering her time at community busy bees and embedding herself in community life.

Working with local creatives, Dan Paris and Katie Witt, Ana produced filmed conversations with community members on their practices of giving and sharing. This was inspired by witnessing acts of volunteering of time, and the imparting of knowledge, skills, and resources during her stay in the region.

Seeder Futures is a shared digital folder that captures the ethos of giving and explores the concept of gift economies within a community. It serves as a reflection and celebration of the essential role that giving plays in building and strengthening a connected and vibrant community.

The digital collection, which will be hosted by Community Curators, will feature works from the Art Gallery of Western Australia State Art Collection, available for the first time for the Esperance community to access in our backyard.

This is a very exciting addition to our community, and we are privileged to host this exhibition at the Esperance Museum.

Seeder Futures Exhibition
Esperance Museum, James Street
1:30pm - 4:30pm / Thursday 16 – Sunday 19 November 2023.

Visit the Esperance Museum website for entry costs.

Image Credit: Visualisation of Artwork - Seeder Futures