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Temporary Aquatic Closure


Over a year of planning and work to upgrade systems will conclude with an upcoming aquatic area closure at the Leisure Centre. The closure is scheduled for three weeks from Thursday 26 January.

Onsite work began on the upgrade last year, well before the reticulated gas is due to be shut off. Heating, previously provided by a gas system, has been replaced by more economical heat pumps; for every 1 Kilowatt (Kw) of power in, the heating output can be as high as 16 Kw, with an average of 6 to 8 Kw, so the move away from gas has delivered great efficiency benefits.

This is in line with the Shire’s Council Plan Objective to “Encourage the adoption of sustainable practices”, and the Cities Power Partnership pledge to adopt best practice energy efficiency measures across all council buildings. The Leisure Centre also delivers on these with the existing solar power system, which is one of the largest in Esperance and is big enough to meet most of our current needs.

The 22-year-old control panel for the Aquatic Centre’s pools was also replaced last year, with a state of the art touchscreen system put in place. The system is much more user friendly than the old panel, which worked on a series of switches and dials, and can be accessed remotely by our trained staff. Running off a software system, it collects data and allows staff to: find efficiencies by fine tuning chemical and power consumption; create timed programs for the sauna, heating and ventilation so equipment is only on when required; and easily compile reports for benchmarking of water use against other aquatic centers. The new panel also identifies faults and tracks water use, helping the Leisure Centre maintain its Gold Waterwise Aquatic recognition.

The final filtration connections will be made during the closure, and rigorous Health Department testing will be carried out before reopening. Then the Esperance community will have an Aquatic Centre with the latest in technology, partly powered by solar energy and all set for the future.

Contact the Aquatic Centre on 9083 1700, or email, with any queries on the upcoming closure.