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Annual Electors Meeting


The 2023 Annual Electors Meeting will be held 7pm on Tuesday 7 February at the Esperance Civic Centre, Council Place.

The Annual Electors Meeting is a key part of democracy and helps to promote transparency in local government decision-making.

All members of the community are encouraged read the 2021/2022 Annual Report for valuable insights into how the Shire is managed, and learn more about the various projects and initiatives that are being undertaken. The Annual Electors Meeting offers an opportunity to take part in the Local Government process, question the Annual Report, query general business and raise motions to Council for discussion at subsequent meetings.

An Annual Electors Meeting must be held each financial year after the local government accepts the Annual Report. This meeting is held in a similar manner to an Ordinary Council Meeting and is minuted, but its purpose is to discuss the contents of the Annual Report for the previous financial year, followed by any other general business.

The Annual Report highlights a number of achievements and challenges faced by the Shire throughout the Financial Year. Projects worked on include the Public Health Plan 2021-2026, the review of holiday homes, adoption of the Food Organics Garden Organics system, the new Council Plan, and of course the completion of the James Street beach enclosure and lap pontoon, and the pump track in the Youth Precinct on our beautiful foreshore.

The Annual Report is available to download here, and hard copies can be requested from the Shire Administration Building or the Esperance Public Library on Windich Street.