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Greater Sports Ground Fit For The Future


Work on the redevelopment of the Greater Sports Ground (GSG), detailed in the September 2021 Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment Plan available here, continues to lay the foundation for this great community facility to get the best possible use into the future.

This week Shire staff are taking advantage of contractors carrying out turf renovation and works at the new outdoor netball courts, to get the road between the playground and Ports Oval converted to grass as efficiently and economically as possible.

The closure and greening of this area will improve safety, especially for children moving between the playground and the oval, and prevent traffic using the road as a thoroughfare.

The current graded road will be closed off at the north end of the oval and just north of the Ports Clubrooms this week, and the area will be prepared with added sand for planting. Grass cuttings harvested from the turf renovations will then be spread out to establish a cost-effective lawn. Similarly, there will be no additional cost for the reticulation, as existing sprinkler heads will be retrofitted with 350 degree sprinkler heads to cover the area.

It is expected that the area will be fenced off over summer while the lawn is established. The result will be a safe pedestrian space between the Ports Oval and the playground, a fantastic spot to watch sports on the oval, rather than a through road.