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Consultation opens for Holiday Home Review

Over time, the number of Holiday Houses in Esperance has grown to respond to visitor needs and the emerging tourism sector.

While legislation provides clear guidelines on requirements, there may be better ways to manage the impacts of short stay accommodation in residential homes at the local level.

The Shire of Esperance would like to determine whether there is a desire for change in its current regulation of Holiday Houses and, if so, what changes should be implemented.

A Briefing Paper has been developed to assist with the consultation process. The paper provides an overview on the current situation, issues which require management, and changes that might be considered by the Shire.

Scenarios which might be explored through consultation include:

  • Maintaining the current approach – no change;
  • Introducing exclusion zones – prohibited areas in some residential settings;
  • Strengthening governance and requirements – increased reporting and management;
  • Improving education and awareness – new resources for the community;
  • Developing common standards – codes of behavior for property management; or
  • All, or none, of the above.

Stakeholders and the community can have their say by completing one, or all, of the following engagement tools

Written submissions may also be lodged directly to the Shire at or you can drop them into the Shire Admin office on Windich Street.

To start, people are highly encouraged to read the Briefing Paper, as this will assist with how the process will go.

Consultation closes 1 August 2022. Outcomes will be developed and considered by Council in late 2022.

If you have any queries regarding this consultation please email

Date: 22 June 2022