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Friday 17 June 2022

Released today, the ‘Esperance Investment Prospectus’  shines a light on the abundant investment opportunities identified in this globally unique destination on Western Australia’s southern coast.

Developed in partnership between Australia’s Golden Outback and the Shire of Esperance, the 12-page prospectus is aimed at attracting sustainable investment across a diverse range of industries.

Opportunities have been identified across a spectrum of commercial interests including agriculture, mining, tourism, residential housing, visitor accommodation, export hub, seafood industry, renewable energy, aviation, product and attractions development and general business - with targeted Investment Roadshows to be undertaken in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in the coming months.
“There’s never been a more exciting time to do business in Esperance”, said Esperance Shire President Ian Mickel.
“We’ve got a pristinely beautiful location, but in addition to its natural assets, the town now has the business elements and drive required to really attract investors,” Mr Mickel said.

“A lot of work has gone into our economic development strategy and now is the time to bring that vision to life, as we aim to position our town as a forward-thinking regional centre into the future.”

“In our very important tourism sector, imminent growth in domestic and international visitor arrivals through increased flights presents opportunities for appropriate development. This is particularly true for new accommodation investment.”

“Our award winning, $25 million foreshore redevelopment was given the perfect finishing touch with completion of the jetty last year. This, and the game-changing James Street Cultural Precinct Development Plan will provide a variety of inspiring business and investment opportunities.”

“There are also significant opportunities to value-add to the agricultural and mineral production currently occurring in, and exported from, Esperance.”

“With well-connected transport routes and world class primary industries, opportunities abound.” Mr Mickel said.

In an exciting development for Esperance, last week the WA State Government launched the Rewenables Hub, marking the completion of the Esperance Power Project, which means 50% of the total electricity needs of the town are now delivered by renewable sources.

Comprising of a solar farm, two wind turbines, battery energy storage system, and a high-efficiency gas power station - the unique design system means cleaner, greener energy for Esperance, with the ability to integrate new technologies over the life of the assets, ensuring more renewable energy is added as it becomes available in the future.

Mr Mickel added that the natural environment of Esperance is well suited to renewable energy projects.
“25 years ago Esperance became home to the nation’s first wind farm, so there’s a historical link to this powerful industry of the future,” Mr Mickel said.

“The region’s considerable renewable energy potential revolves around wind, waste, tidal, solar and geothermal – with potential for Green Hydrogen development.”

Esperance Tourism Development Manager Simon Latchford said the world is discovering the beauty and immense potential of Esperance.
“This amazing destination has garnered international attention, amplified by the power of social media through stunning imagery and content generated and shared daily.”

“With world class beaches, islands and stunning National Parks, tourism has been identified as a significant economic driver, with a lot of work being undertaken to attract investment that will enhance our existing offering.

“By attracting ‘quality over quantity’ investment we’re looking to complement the environmentally-blessed landscape of Esperance, as ultimately that will always be our greatest asset.
“Major public, Government and private investment will result in better infrastructure and accessibility for the local community and visitors alike.” Mr Latchford said.
The digital version is available via the Shire of Esperance website

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