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Are you passionate about Reconciliation, road safety, or our local streetscapes? Or do you want to further the relationship with Ill de Re, our French Twin Town, encourage a ‘business friendly’ environment in Esperance, promote local sustainability, or have a say in the management of the cemetery?

These topics and more are examined by our Council Committees and Working Groups, with membership currently open for Expressions of Interest - complete information available here.

Our two Council Committees, The Audit Committee and the Bush Fire Advisory Committee, are formal bodies created to assist the Council exercise powers and duties that are able to be delegated to committees. They have specific requirements for membership, which can be viewed in the Terms of Reference here.

There are ten Working Groups; these are less formal, with fewer requirements for valid meetings, and cover a range of locally important topics. Have a look at the scope of our Working groups here, and be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of any that you’re interested in here.

Written expressions of interest may be sent to, PO Box 507, Esperance WA 6450, or dropped in to the Administration Building on Windich Street.

Get involved and help build the community you want to see!