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Flinders Estate Stage 4

As part of the ongoing development of Flinders Estate, Stage 4 construction is ramping up, with the Shire following community instructions from Council Plan Outcomes 7 and 8; ‘Responsible planning and development’, and ‘Access to adequate, safe and affordable housing for everyone’. This project will deliver much needed small residential lots to the local property market, another step the Shire has taken to address the current housing shortage.

Construction of Stage 4, close to the beach in the sought after Bandy Creek suburb, is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and will see the release of 29 cottage sized lots of between 230 and 290m2 each. The lots will all be in the block of land currently bounded by Thistle Ave, Hillier Ave, Chappell Way and Tribune Pde.

The availability of smaller lots in the Esperance property market is minimal. Many enquiries on this size lot have been received, and seven lots of similar size were sold within months of being released as part of the original Stage 2 development, indicating a viable market.

Many people find the smaller lots, and houses to go on them, more cost effective to buy, build and maintain, and they certainly offer opportunities for more sustainable living.

As is typical with these types of development, design guidelines are expected to be developed to maintain the high building standards and aesthetics of the existing built forms in the area.

Recreational amenities available near the new lots will include public open space on the other side of Tribune Pde, and the pathway along the foreshore to Bandy Creek and to Esperance in the other direction.

Works associated with the development of Flinders Estate Stage 4 will start next week and run for approximately 6 months. Fencing will be in place during this time and Tribune Pde and Chappell Way will be closed to all traffic. As there are no dwellings on these streets, disruption should be minimal.