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In June 2020, Western Australian mining and exploration company, IGO Limited (IGO), generously pledged $250,000 to support the Esperance and Dundas Shires with their COVID-19 community recovery.

The Esperance Local Recovery Committee was administering applications for this funding within the Shire of Esperance, however with the Committee being wound up recently the Shire of Esperance is now responsible. Grant funds are still available, and applications for these are welcome.

There has been a recent allegation by a local organisation that they submitted two applications for these grants, with the second application being refused on the grounds that “no funds remained”.

This is misleading and the Shire of Esperance wishes to address this.

The Shire of Esperance formally received one grant application, which was approved in February 2021.

After receiving a second unauthorised invoice, the organisation was advised to formally apply for further IGO COVID-19 recovery funding.

No second application was received.

The Shire is committed to good governance and transparency, and will not disperse grant funds which exceed a formally approved application.

IGO COVID-19 Grant funds are still available, and local community organisations wishing to apply are welcome to do so.

Please email Mel Ammon, Manager Community Support on for details on how to apply for this funding.