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There is no doubt we are all busy at this time of year, and considering doing a Plastic Free July challenge might not be on the top of the priority list… but it can be as easy as you make it!

You can get started by:

  • refusing single-use coffee cups by making it a habit to take your keep cup
  • refusing single-use water bottles by having a drink bottle and using a filter to improve water quality
  • choosing to refuse produce bags at the supermarket
  • choosing to refuse plastic takeaway containers
  • finding an alternative to an item that has unnecessary plastic waste - for example, cotton buds with paper stems.

A month may not seem to be achievable, so start simple and pledge a week or two. The key is to recognise the plastic waste that we can avoid and to challenge ourselves to make small sustainable changes to our shopping habits.

If you feel a calling to take up the challenge but you don’t know where to start… head to the Plastic Free July website to be inspired in all the areas that you can challenge yourself, from the kitchen at home, to the office, to school, and events. It’s just a great place to get inspiration on the small, yet meaningful ways, of reducing waste. It’s also where you need to go if you want to sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge!

How can your workplace take up the challenge?

  • Replace single use coffee cup with reusable cups for coffee runs
  • Recognise unnecessary plastic items in day to day operations i.e. are we still using disposable items in our lunch rooms?
  • Support plastic free events
  • Implement sustainable procurement and events policies
  • Recognise that we should be striving to reduce our organisations waste all year round. Let’s challenge ourselves, our workgroups, and our community year round, and support each other and our efforts, and celebrate our successes!

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If you aren’t already following Esperance’s Waste Revolution on Instagram or Facebook, click on the icons in the signature below. Throughout the month of July we will be sharing ideas on ways you can refuse single-use.