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Expressions of Interest - Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Reference Group (DAIP).

The Shire of Esperance is asking members of the community to nominate for the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Reference Group.  The long-term goal of the DAIP is to provide equity of access and inclusion to all services, facilities, functions and information being provided by the Shire of Esperance by identifying and combating any barriers which restrict or prevent the full participation of people with a disability.  As such it applies to the actions and operations of the Shire.

If you are interested to be a part of the Group, please contact the Shire of Esperance on by 20 October 2020 explaining why you would like to be a part of the reference group and what specific insights or skills you can bring to the group.

The group will be comprised of the following Shire and community representatives:

At least one (1) Councillor

At least one (1) staff member from each of the Shire Directorates

Up to three (3) Community members

Up to three (3) Community Organisation members

The Reference Group will meet on a quarterly basis. As part of each meeting, the group will assist to develop and then review the progress of an annual implementation plan drawn up from the strategies within the DAIP.

Roles & Responsibilities
Disability Access & Inclusion Plan