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As part of the Shire’s COVID-19 Business and Community Relief Initiative, the 2020 Verge Side Bulk Waste Collection will be commencing Monday 25th May. 

The Collection will be split up into Two Zones, and will include the town sites of Gibson, Scaddan, Grass Patch, Salmon Gums and Condingup.

What do you need to do?

Place items neatly on the verge up to one week prior to collection - no sooner - and no later than the evening prior to collection.
Sort your waste into sections on the verge.
1. White goods/steel, E-waste (computers, TV’s), mattresses;
2. General household junk collection.
To ensure maximum waste is recycled, multiple trucks will pass by to collect recyclable items.
Do not obstruct footpaths, line of sight, fences, signs, bus stops, poles, bins or create a safety hazard.
Items longer than 1.5m can not be collected.

Preventing Litter
Please Remove uncollected items from the verge by Monday 8 June 2020. Waste items left on the verge may be considered as littering.

COVID-19 Safe Practice
Please practice social distancing and good hygiene. Be respectful, do not loiter around properties and only take items if you need them.

What items will be collected?

  • A maximum of 2m3 of waste will be collected from each residence;
  • General junk: toys, clothes, plastic products;
  • Furniture: chairs, mattresses, lounges, beds;
  • Empty fridges, freezers, stoves (doors must be removed for safety);
  • Electrical appliances, computers, TV equipment;
  • Timber, steel pipes, metal (cut into 1.5m lengths and stacked neatly).​

What items will NOT be collected?

  • Tyres;
  • Batteries;
  • Asbestos;
  • Super 6 Fencing;
  • Motor vehicles or parts of;
  • Gas bottles or any flammable liquids;
  • Hazardous materials (oils, chemicals, paint tins);
  • Glass of any kind (including shower screens, windows or outdoor tables);
  • Bricks, tiles, builders rubble, sand, cement, concrete products;
  • Garden rubbish: lawn clippings, tree pruning’s etc;
  • General house hold rubbish: food waste;
  • Items longer than 1.5m will not be collected (roller doors, metal poles, timber etc).

Collection Information

  • Collection start time will be 7am.
  • Each truck will only pass by once.
  • Verge collection will continue throughout the week until all areas have been serviced.

Printable flyer