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The Esperance Coastal Safety Workgroup (ECSW) is an arm of the Shire of Esperance Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC). Over the past ten years, 16 lives have been lost along the Esperance coastline. This is from slipping on black rocks, rock fishing and other tragic events.

From these devastating occurrences the ECSW have identified a number of initiatives whereby the safety messaging around the differing uses of our coastline can be issued.

While going about exploring the region the ECSW aim is to ensure people are aware of the local risks and advocate for safe behaviours.

Before heading out:

  • Know the Local Hazards
  • Always Have A Plan
  • Be Prepared
  • Be SharkSmart

See it, Say it, Save them - We can all do our part to save a life. If you See someone heading towards a dangerous area on the rocks, or doing something that may cause harm, Say something, let them know to stay off the black rocks or tie off when fishing, it just could Save them.

So download the Coastal Safety in Esperance Flyer, and tell all your mates.