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Every Local Government using a Ward system for elections must review the system at least every eight years - welcome to our Review of Wards and Representation!

Because of population shifts over the years, the current ratio of Councillors to Electors falls outside the range considered acceptable by the Local Government Advisory Board.  This is one of the issues we must address in this Ward review.

We want to know what you think.  Should we have fewer Councillors?  Or we could increase the size of the Town Ward, or alternately increase the size of the Rural Ward to make the system compliant, how do those options sound?  Should we remove the Ward system and have Councillors represent the whole Shire? Do you have a better idea?

Be informed - have a look at the full discussion paper here for maps, detailed notes on background, the review process, factors to be considered, and the options we've come up with.

Once you're full bottle, leave us your submission via our Social Pinpoint page.

You can also email your submission to or in writing to PO Box 507 Esperance WA 6450.

Submissions close at 4pm Friday 18th September 2020.