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The structural steel for the stadium has now been complete and is looking impassive, the shutdown over the show weekend was also successful. The project is still on track and budget. 

Works completed in the last fortnight:

  • Final roof purlins installed for the main stadium. 
  • Concrete Panel bolt connections to structural steel completed. 
  • Completed cleaning bond breaker from panels for painting later in project. 
  • Continuing installation of mains water and fire line along harbour road boundary. 
  • Installation continuing for stormwater to existing sports stadium on western side. 
  • Engineering approval to remove tilt panel bracing and structural compliance for stadium steelwork. 
  • Removal of tilt panel braces. 
  • Scaffold access / egress platform completed for safe roof access. 
  • Edge protection installed in preparation for roof safety mesh, insulation and roof sheeting. 
  • Roof safety mesh installed to sports stadium. 
  • Electrical cabling prelay drawn into building conduits on tilt panel walls.