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 H+H Architects met with council and Jetty Replacement Working Group this week to discuss the Draft Detailed Design. The focus was to refine many of the architectural and engineering details of the design before proceeding with the development of the full working drawings and tender specification. Some of the items discussed were the design of the jetty shelters, the stairs, handrail and balustrading down to the lower platform, lighting options and timber deck design including planks and treatments. For example there will be staggered breaks in the balustrading every 50m along the north side of the jetty commencing in the second section of the jetty, these are to improve fishing access for everyone including wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Discussions were held on the various corrosion protection options for sections all of the jetty in both the super and sub structure, these will be further refined with detailed requirements included in the tender documents. 

The H+H design team also met with Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation to discuss how indigenous cultural values could be incorporated into the design. . The Esperance jetty is being designed to be a fantastic recreational Jetty, a resource that will meet the needs of both locals and visitors alike.