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As you are aware, there are a number of bushfires burning across the Shires of Esperance and Dundas, totalling in excess of 220,000 hectares. The response has been a team effort with approximately 205 firefighters, 11 aircraft, 57 appliances and 26 earthmoving vehicles with crews and staff coming in from as far away as the Midwest Gascoyne and the Kimberly. 

We are extremely thankful for all of the hard work that local farmer response units have been doing to protect the community. Firefighters and local farmers have been working under extreme conditions to strengthen containment lines to help bring these fires under control and keep local communities safe.

The availability of local support has been critical to suppression efforts and the safety of firefighters. The Shire of Esperance, local community volunteers, agency and support staff and firefighters have been integral members of the Incident Management Team, with their understanding and knowledge of the area highly valued.

Due to the number of events in Esperance over the weekend, the Army Reserve has set up a camp rest facility for up to 300 people.

Thank you to those who have heeded the warnings and put their bushfire plans into action.

-Allan Riley, Esperance Complex Fires Incident Controller.