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It’s all been happening out at Lake Monjingup Reserve. The new boardwalk is now completed and ready for use, winding between the bull-rushes and sensitive Paperbark wetlands. With winter coming and the lake levels rising, visitors will soon be able to walk over the water, connecting to nature trails that showcase the phenomenal regeneration of Australian bushland after fire. It has also been designed to be all inclusive, and is wide enough to allow for two prams or wheelchairs to pass. 

Wongutha Christian Aboriginal Parent-directed School students have also been extremely busy in the past few months at Lake Monjingup – removing over 2 500 seedlings of the weed, Victorian Tea Tree. It has been a huge push to remove the Victorian Tea Tree before it flowers and sets seed after the 2015 fires.  Finally, big plans are ahead for Lake Monjingup. The Lake Monjingup Community Development Group are meeting to discuss the draft of the Lake Monjingup Management Plan. Additionally, Lake Monjingup will soon be home to six timber sculptures crafted through the TradeArts Jetty Timber Sculpture project with artist Larry Youngson, Esperance Community Arts and several community members.