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After orbiting around Australia, and the United Kingdom with his unique Skylab – Out of Orbit art exhibition over 17 years ago, Australian artist David Carson will be returning to Esperance as part of the 40th Skylab Anniversary Community Program with an updated version of his incredibly popular work. Carson spent 3 years creating the original exhibition, after he was inspired by our local Museum’s Skylab display, which he first visited as a tourist to Esperance over 20 years ago. 

The exhibition will consist of paintings, prints, newspaper articles and photographs. In addition, there will be several screens with assorted NASA archival videos, a Space Soundscape made especially for the exhibition by young electronic composer Jackson Mouldycliff, and a live feed from the International Space Station, with views of Earth shown in real time. There will be new technology involved with a 360º immersive video screening inside a 6x6-metre-wide inflatable dome which will be set up inside the Museum. 

The ‘Skylab Redux – Out of Orbit’ exhibition will be something incredibly different and unlike any other type of exhibition most people will have seen before. It combines layers of film, stories, opinions, images, and artefacts based on the news and memories of people who were around at the time when Skylab crashed, and is accompanied by an electronic trance-like soundtrack using sampled sounds recorded from outer space. The exhibition will be launched at 3pm on Sunday 7 July, with the exhibition running from 7-21 July at the Cannery Arts Centre. The immersive Dome screenings will take place at the Museum from 8-21 July.