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Join us for the Australian Premiere of the documentary film Searching for Skylab as part of the Skylab 40th Anniversary Community Program Directed by Dwight Steven-Boniecki, Searching for Skylab is a treasure trove of as-yet-unseen archival footage of Skylab with commentary from its astronauts, workers, major players, and experts.

Dwight Steven-Boniecki is coming from his home base in Germany just for this event and can’t wait to hear what Esperance locals think of it. Skylab is the Director’s passion and he wants to share the story with others so they understand not only why Skylab was launched, but the amazing endeavours the astronauts and scientists achieved. Without Skylab we would not have the knowledge of space that we have today. 

The FREE screening, along with a Q&A with the Director, will be at the Esperance Civic Centre on Thursday 11 July at 6pm, but make sure you book your spot because places are limited! Tickets available from next week at the Esperance Museum, the Esperance Public Library and