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The planning and implementation for the de-construction of the Tanker Jetty and the construction of the Replacement Jetty are not simple processes and involve a number of key stakeholders. The Shire of Esperance is working to ensure that the Esperance community have ownership of the Replacement Jetty, and the ability to construct it in Esperance Bay on land which is currently under the jurisdiction of both Southern Ports and the Department of Transport. 

The 10 Step Process agreed upon by all the stakeholders will ensure that all statutory requirements are met by all parties. Some have these steps have already been completed, and more are underway as Southern Ports excise the jetty from the Port of Esperance waters, and the Shire obtains all the necessary permissions and licenses to enable the old Tanker Jetty to be de-constructed, and the new Replacement Jetty to be constructed.

The Replacement Jetty is currently being documented for tender, with the Shire of Esperance aiming to issue Tender Documents at the end of July 2019. This documentation will outline all the design features of the new jetty, including architectural, structural, marine, electrical and hydraulic drawings and details. The tender documents will include geotechnical analysis of the construction site, ensuring that tenderers will have all the information that they need to provide comprehensive quotes to construct the Esperance Replacement Jetty.  The tender documents will also outline in detail how the Contractors will be expected to meet the stringent Approval conditions outlined by the statutory authorities, including the Heritage Council of WA, the Environmental Protection Authority, Southern Ports, plus all the relevant Australian Standards and Building Code requirements.