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The Shire of Esperance is working with local environmental consultants to look at the parameters and options to make Pink Lake pink again. The goal behind wanting a pink Pink Lake is based on tourism, environmental and community amenity values. 

The work will include investigating environmental and ecological values, conditions and parameters for making Pink Lake pink and the potential engineering options, costs and barriers to this. This may include restoring the water balance with Lake Warden now being the terminal lake for the western Lake Warden Wetland System, and to migrate salts from Lake Warden to Pink Lake.

This project is in partnership with Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction and the Lake Warden RAMSAR Technical Advisory Group.

To help with our investigation we are looking for photos of Pink Lake when it was pink. If you have photos that you are happy to share we would appreciate if you could send a copy to us, and if known, let us know the year and month the photo was taken. We would prefer a digital copy if possible, which can be sent to us via email or through Facebook.

Photo Credit: C. Green