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The Shire of Esperance RoadWise Committee has launched the 2019 ‘Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride’ campaign this holiday season in a bid to reduce the incidence of speeding and risky road user behaviour on local roads.  

Esperance RoadWise is a Shire Council committee made up of road safety stakeholders and community members. The Committee work with a variety of groups and organisations to address road safety issues throughout the year.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride is a local speed reduction road safety campaign brought to you by the Shire of Esperance RoadWise Committee. Enjoy the Ride aims to remind the community to avoid feeling the need to rush while driving and to leave speed behind when you get into your vehicle.

The campaign has previously run from October to January, but in 2019 this campaign will run from January until April in a bid to address the issue of speed on our roads during the holiday and tourist season, a busy time of the year on our roads. Whether it is making sure you stick to 50km/hr through towns or slowing down behind a road train, reducing your speed is one of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of a being involved in a car crash.

The campaign will officially be launched at the 2019 Australia Day Celebrations at Adventureland Park.