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Our firefighters look after us in Esperance and sometimes they travel to assist outside of the district.

Volunteers from Esperance Fire and Rescue recently attended the Bremer Bay Fire over the Christmas period. Community Emergency Services Coordinator Karen Naylor received a request for assistance from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services on the night of the 22 December, within 1 hour Geoff Close, Aiden Close, Grantley Creasey and Seamus Dowling had volunteered. Travelling in two Light Tanker Appliances the strike team left early on Sunday 23 December to the incident, assisting in fire suppression activities, and then returned mid-afternoon on Christmas Day. 

David Rymer, Cody Govans and Ian Mickel recently provided support for the fires in Balladonia. Thank you to Esperance SES for transporting the volunteers to the fire ground.
Volunteers juggle many hats, from their families and day jobs, to serve their community, and save lives, homes and businesses.

If you are interested in joining one of the local Emergency Service Units please contact the Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre who can give you further information all 9072 0346 or