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Expressions of Interest are now open for community members and groups that would like to apply for timber from the Esperance Tanker Jetty. 

The wood has been classified into four categories by heritage architects, with Grade 3 (three), and 4 (four), deemed to have no commercial value as they have more than 25% of defects. Individuals and community groups can apply for timbers in these Grades (3 & 4), whilst those classified into Grade 1 (one), and 2 (two) will be used in the interpretative nodes of the new jetty. 

Expressions of Interest will be ongoing for the Grade 3 (three) timbers.

The Shire is currently seeking a community organisations to apply for Grade 4 (four) timber which they may use for financial gain, but must also contribute to other projects that may benefit the local community.

This wood (Grade 4) has excessive weathering and deterioration. It’s Jarrah, which is broken, rotted and splintered with structural weakening.

Shire President Ian Mickle said applicants had to demonstrate 'community benefit' on their Expressions of Interest forms. 

"We don't want to throw anything away that a person in Esperance might feel they can do something with positively", he said. 

Jetty timber stocks will increase as deconstruction continues over the coming year, therefore multiple openings for expressions are expected.

"Once we've received a number of EOI's for the Grade 3 (three) timber, we'll progress them to Council for the Councillors to make a determination on who gets what", explained, CEO Matthew Scott.

“However, the Expression of Interest for a local organisation to put their hand up to use or dispose of the Grade 4 (four) timbers will close the 23rd of January 2020, next year.”

You can learn more about the Expression of Interest process here.

To apply for an Expression of Interest for the Grade 3 (three) Tanker Jetty timbers click here.

To apply for an Expression of Interest for the Grade 4 (four) Tanker Jetty timbers click here.

Inspection of the timber can be arranged by appointment only. Please contact Director Asset Management, Mathew Walker on 08 9071 0675 or via email