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There is an opportunity to join the South Coast Management Group Inc (SCMG) as an Esperance Community representative. The group aims to unite people within the South Coast Region to protect and improve the quality of the coastal and marine environment.

Working in partnership with similar regional local governments and communities allows the group to identify challenges, develop solutions and share knowledge across a broader spectrum and results in better outcomes in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

There are five local governments involved in the group, including the Shire of Ravensthorpe, Shire of Jerramungup, City of Albany and Shire of Denmark. Each local government is represented by the CEO (or their proxy), 2 Elected members and 2 community members. SCMG meets 4 times a year at various locations between Esperance and Denmark, all costs associated with travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the SCMG.

If you are interested in working with a group of people keen to ensure our pristine assets are protected and improved please send in a nomination to the Shire of Esperance by the 1 May 2019:

The objectives of the Association, outlined in their rules, are to:

  1. Create an environment of sustainable development;
  2. Promote economic, community and environmental wellbeing in the Region;
  3. Foster co-operative & collaborative arrangements;
  4. Protection of coastal & marine environment;
  5. Involve the community in coastal & marine planning & management;
  6. Consider matters of common interest to members & where practicable to establish common policy;
  7. Facilitate co-operative activities of members at a regional level;
  8. Identify priorities for promotion of regional initiatives;
  9. Sponsor or engage in publishing educational material and research in coastal & marine initiatives;
  10. Establish & maintain a public fund the "SCMG Public Tax Deductible Donations Fund" for the specific purpose of supporting the Environmental Objects of the SCMG.