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Draft Concept Design Survey Results

The Esperance Community has shown strong support for the Draft Concept Design for the Replacement Jetty, with approximately 80% declaring it was acceptable. 

The results in both the Opt-in and Sample Group surveys reflected overall support for the Draft Concept Design, with 79.5% in support from the Online and Hard Copy Opt-in Survey and 83.9% in support from the Random Mail Survey. The number of valid surveys returned were 1096 Opt-in surveys and 403 Random Mail Sample Group surveys (duplicate surveys were removed and have not been included in these figures).

The Shire also received 62 written submissions during the commentary period, with the majority being in support of the Draft Concept Design. The comment period was open for 3 weeks and invited the Esperance Community to provide input on the Draft and participate in a survey indicating if the design was acceptable.

The survey results and responses are publically available:

Research Solutions Survey Report

Responses to Open Ended Questions (Opt in Survey)