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You can recycle all types of oil at the Wylie bay Waste Facility. Oil from cars and machinery is collected in a double bunded collection unit and once full is pumped out by Wren Oil (A WA company) who refine the oil for reuse. You can find more information about the process on the Wren Oil website. 

We have recycled cooking oil since July this year. It is collected by BioWorks Australia and is used in the production of renewable fuels. The oils are processed into fuel and distributed in Western Australia. This biodiesel is used in various industrial applications including mining, construction and agriculture. 

The motor oil recycled in Esperance incurs a fee imposed by the oil recycler. There are costs associated with maintaining the collection unit (as you can imagine there are precautions taken to make sure no oil leakage occurs). The cost of 40c per litre to recycle oil does not fully cover the costs to the Shire, however it encourages people to dispose of oil in the most environmentally responsible way and according to our licence conditions. As communities become more supportive of recycling across Australia economies of scale will potentially see recycling costs decease and changes in behaviour that will see improvements in this field. Fees are only charged where there is a cost to handling or processing the product. Many items are free to deliver for example computers and TV’s, E-Waste, Steel, Car bodies, sorted recycling etc.