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 As of 1 July 2018, food packaging will be required to comply with new laws having to identify country of origin, as this marks the end of the two-year transition period.

Does this apply to you?

The new labels are for food offered for retail sale in Australia, excluding food sold in restaurants, cafés, take-away outlets or schools. The new labels are not mandatory for nonpriority foods which include seasoning, confectionery, biscuits and snack food, bottled water, soft drinks and sport drinks, tea and coffee, and alcoholic beverages. All other foods need the new labels applied.

What do the new labels look like?

Most food produced, grown or made in Australia will have the kangaroo logo with a text and bar chart showing the percentage of Australian ingredients. Food that was packed in Australia will just feature a bar chart that shows it contains at least some imported ingredients that were simply sliced, frozen, tinned or repacked here. For imported foods, the label must clearly show the country of origin. Any products that have old labels at the end of the transition period can be sold until the end of their shelf-life. Food labelled from 1 July 2018 must follow the new rules. For more information visit the Shire website or