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Council Committees - Expressions of Interest

The Shire of Esperance calls for members of the public to nominate for the Council Committees. Council Committees assist in providing additional input and advice to Council on specific areas or projects.

Community Positions are vacant on the following Committees:

  • Audit Committee: The primary objective of the audit committee is to accept responsibility for the annual external audit and liaise with the local government’s auditor so that Council can be satisfied with the performance of the local government in managing its financial affairs. 
  • Esperance Roadwise Committee: To contribute to a coordinated approach to reduce the amount of road deaths and serious injuries in the Shire of Esperance. 
  • Esperance Twin Towns Committee: To make recommendations to Council on developing and fostering the relationship with Ill de Re, France, through the promotion of social, cultural and educational links and a student exchange program so as to encourage an understanding of the French culture and the involvement of France in the early history of Esperance. 
  • Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment Committee: To make recommendations to council for implementation of the Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment Plan.
  • Lake Monjingup Community Development Group: To ensure that the Lake Monjingup Reserves are developed, managed and operated in accordance with the strategic directions, plans, and budgets endorsed by the Shire of Esperance.
  • Off Road Vehicle Working Group: To assess the issues caused by off road vehicle use and develop strategies to manage off road vehicles. The group will focus on exploring options to sustainably manage off road vehicles particularly in the coastal zone of the Shire. 
  • Jetty Replacement Working Group: The role of this working group is to recommend a detailed concept plan for the replacement of the Esperance Tanker Jetty, to the Shire Council for endorsement, taking into account the request by the Minister for Heritage that a replacement jetty demonstrates the retention of part or some of the original fabric of the original structure, in consultation with the Heritage Council of WA. 
  • Ralph Bower Adventureland Park Working Group: To provide strategic direction for the future management, development and operation of the Ralph Bower Adventureland Park consistent with the policies, plans, and budgets endorsed by the Shire of Esperance. 
  • Youth Advisory Council: To consult with and provide guidance to the Shire of Esperance in respect to identified needs of youth in Esperance. To be responsible for delivery of youth focused projects, programs and events in Esperance.

Positions are appointed for a two year period as per the Terms of Reference. Nomination Forms and the Terms of Reference are available from the Shire of Esperance Administration Building or on the Shire’s website.

Nominations close at 4pm on Friday, 9 February.

For further information contact Executive Services on 9071 0666.