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The EPA has elected to undertake the highest level of assessment (Public Environmental Review) when investigating the environmental & social factors for the proposed landfill site on Kirwan Road. The Shire of Esperance and other community members requested this level of assessment in anticipation that it will provide confidence to all proponents that a full independent environmental assessment will be completed and includes the opportunity for public input at a later stage. The level of assessment is the first step in a range of environmental approvals that are required for the establishment of a new landfill.

The Shire is aware of a water flow experiment that was undertaken on a property near Lot 12 Kirwan Road. It is something we are taking seriously. We have requested further information from EMTAG, which may include a site visit to the location where the experiment was undertaken to gather more information on the study. The experiment was not carried out on the proposed landfill site.

We are keen to have the data gathered to forward this information to hydrologists and would encourage EMTAG to submit a full account of their findings to both the Shire and the EPA, who are going to complete a full environmental assessment on the Shire’s application.