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The Special Council Meeting to discuss the motions raised at the Annual Electors Meeting will be held next Monday (19 February). The meeting will be run as per a standard Council Meeting and be compliant with the Shire of Esperance Standing Orders Local Law. This means members of the public can ask questions at public question time however no further motions can be raised and debate on the motions is undertaken by the Councillors only. Five motions were carried and the following will be brought up at the Special Council Meeting:

  1. The Esperance electors call on our elected representatives to immediately review the Chief Executive Officer’s position, his performance and suitability for the position.
  2. To abandon lot 12 Kirwan-Merrivale Road for a tip and immediately focus on selection of a more appropriate site as per environmental protection authority guidelines.
  3. Council acknowledges that the priority one, two and three water catchment areas, RAMSAR wetlands and the Lake Warden special control areas are environmentally unsuitable for the development of any heavy or hazardous industries, mining operations or chemical plants, therefore Council instructs the Chief Executive Officer to conduct long term strategic environmental planning, using expertise from recognised experts in this field to identify a suitable location for the aforementioned industries.
  4. Council publicly acknowledge its responsibilities under the existing conservation order and desist from advocating demolition of the jetty as the only course forward.
  5. The Shire put a cap on the cost of treated water supplied to various organisations and sporting bodies; be capped at the current rate which is 71 cents per kilo litre for the next four years.