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There has been a lot of discussion about advertising signage in Esperance over the last month, the type of signage, the locations used and whether applications are required. All businesses and event holders are subject to the same set of ‘rules’ that are about consistency across the board and encouraging good quality signage. This makes sure the visual amenity around town is kept to the highest standard while enhancing the promotion of the business or event. 

It is important for applications to be made to avoid advertising clutter, ensure the signs do not present a hazard or obstruction to pedestrians or motorists and that commercial signage is designed to be consistent and suited to the location and function for the service it is promoting. What does this mean? It prevents competitors from putting signs up in front of your business, it makes sure they don’t block your view when driving and it stops them being put on paths that restrict movement or become trip hazards. Signs cannot be inappropriate in size or imagery (offensive in nature). Is it hard to get an approval? The short answer is no. There are realistic and simple guidelines that will assist any applicant who is looking at using signage of any nature for promotion. Shire staff are more than happy to assist in filling in forms for both temporary and permanent signage.

Why do I need a permit for signage on my private property? Without some set of ‘rules’ it would be open for anyone to have as many signs as they like, as big and as inappropriate as possible. At the moment your neighbour cannot have 20 signs with lewd pictures, nor can they have signs that light up the street 24 hours a day, these are a few over the top examples however where does one draw the line? What is acceptable to you may not be acceptable to your neighbour. While we all like to think that we should just be reasonable and do the right thing, without some kind of guidance it can be manipulated and could turn into something quite unpleasant. 

How do apply for a sign? The Signs Policy under the Local Planning Policies is a good place to start and then call in to the Shire Administration Building to speak to Planning staff or give the Shire a call on 9071 0666.

If you are looking at putting a sign in a thoroughfare the following will also assist Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016