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The Esperance Public Library is “doing its duty” for the Call II Duty Armistice Day Learning Journey next week Become a Secret Agent and learn how to “Crack a Code” or send a vital Morse Code message. Careless talk costs lives!

Sounds a bit enigmatic? Find out about the real Enigma Machine and look through the display of information to find the difference between codes and ciphers. How did messages sent in cipher contribute to the loss of all hands on the HMAS Sydney in Western Australia during World War II? What went wrong and what was learned from that tragedy?

It’s Schools only on Friday August 24 but Saturday 25 is a free event open to the public. It’s not “Top Secret” so come and “I Spy” what’s going on at the Civic and Parish Centres next weekend.

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.