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In September 2017, a review of the Fencing Local Law 2002 was undertaken, as required under the Local Government Act s3.12. This review process was completed in January 2018 at the Ordinary Council Meeting. During the public consultation period, no public submissions were received.The review found that the current Fencing Local Law was lacking and needed to undergo significant changes to ensure it was compliant with higher legislation. 

The Fencing Local Law 2018 has been drafted to be simpler and consistent with higher legislation including, the newly endorsed Local Planning Scheme 24 and the Building Act 2011 and Regulations. The creation of the Fencing Local Law 2018 will repeal its predecessor, the Fencing Local Law 2002 (amended 2011).

The purpose of the Fencing Local Law 2018 is to outline what is considered a sufficient fence, what materials are appropriate and prohibited, and the penalties for non-compliance with the Local Law.

The effect of the Fencing Local Law 2018 is that properties located within the Local Government district meet the requirements of a sufficient fence outlined in this Local Law unless otherwise provided for in the Act, Regulations or other written law.

The draft Local Law can be downloaded here. Public submissions are welcome and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and posted to PO Box 507, Esperance WA. The submission period closes at 4pm, on 25 May 2018.