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The school holidays kicked off with a packed library full of kids and parents having fun with technology, programming and playing with robots. They also participated in Mother’s Day activities, where kids made bookmarks, sugar scrubs and book bags. 

The One and All Community Programs were on these school holidays too. We had a big turn out for wheelchair sports, soccer, Brick Club, Beatball at the new half court on Victoria street and Volunteer People Painting. The pool was also packed on Monday for the Fun Day with free entry and all the inflatable pool toys you can imagine! The inflatables will were also up most days.

Last week teams battled it out in our very own Amazing Race to celebrate Youth Week. Everyone involved put in a massive effort, from setting up the event to completing challenges. Thank you to the Youth Advisory Council, Escare and the Shire of Esperance for putting the day on for 12 to 25 year-olds.

Teams had to solve clues and complete challenges from scoring a hole in one, to an egg and spoon race, to blindly racing around a track in a wheel chair to dancing and slip and sliding. If was a fun filled day for all involved which ended with a bite to eat listening to live music.