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After fundraising like crazy for 6 months, on a beautiful Monday morning in April 19 intrepid adventurers embarked on an early morning boat ride to experience the magnificence of Woody Island. Accompanied by 6 lucky staff and volunteers, Esperance Home Care clients enjoyed a day filled with speed, adventure, food and great company. 

A 7.30am pick-up so everyone would be at the wharf on time, the morning started with chatter and excitement. Skipper Steve and Britt the Lovely Deckhand loaded us up and we were off. As we headed past the breakwater we were all wowed by the beauty of the Esperance Bay - and very thankful for the great weather! 

We had a leisurely cruise to Woody. On the way we pulled alongside a bulk carrier at anchor in the bay and were absolutely amazed at the enormity of these ocean going vessels. We paid a visit to a sunbaking seal basking in the sunshine on Dolphin Rocks and saw the pacific gulls nesting in a rocky nook on Black Island. 

We alighted on Woody Island and made our way up to Blackjack’s Bar - newly renovated and looking amazing. We enjoyed a much needed cuppa with our morning tea and were treated to an informative talk on the history and development of Woody Island by Britt the Lovely Deckhand. 

Many clients enjoyed a guided walk around the Island while others stayed at Blackjack’s and enjoyed some downtime with a chat and some games, or just appreciated the view from the deck – what a relaxing way to spend an afternoon (maybe a little too relaxing!) 

Our wandering sightseers finally arrived back at Blackjack’s and it was time for lunch – a fantastic spread supplied by our very own Kitchen Whiz, Karen.  There is nothing better than enjoying a scrumptious lunch while looking at a view as magnificent as this: 

Alas, our day was done and we headed back to the Ferry for our trip home. The weather had turned a little bit compared to the morning and the return trip was a great deal more “exciting” – so what can you do on a bumpy boat ride but SING! Skipper Steve was heartily regaled with Esperance Home Care’s energetic renditions of classic sea songs including “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine”. 

Lots of laughter and adventure was appreciated by all who attended and we look forward to next year’s visit to Woody Island. A special thanks to Woody Island Eco Tours – Skipper Steve, Britt the Lovely Deckhand, Pete and Lesa on the Island and Heidi and Sarah (I’m sure there were others in the background too!) - for making the day possible – and giving us a great price for the tickets!