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The Building Commission provided an informative and interactive free seminar in Esperance this week which was well attended by local Builders, Engineers, Architectural Draftpersons, Tafe Lecturers and Shire Staff.

The day covered topics including the National Construction Code amendment relating to fire safety in high rise buildings, recent amendments to the Building Regulations 2012 and the improved CodeMark Scheme.

Specific bushfire construction methods and common construction issues were addressed, as well as a snapshot of systemic failures that have been investigated by the Building Commission including roof tie-down failures, engineering detail deficiencies, works affecting adjoining properties and ceiling collapses. 

There were also discussions on reasons why more documentation is required on approved plans, liability of construction, the outcome of local building inspections in Esperance and resolving payment disputes in the building and construction industry. The day was a great opportunity for everyone to learn something new and to share ideas.